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Merry Simple Christmas

On this day, may you have blessings, beauty and bright lights–inside and out. Big love, L

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The Giving Tree. 20 days of Giving

Shel Silverstein broke my heart. It was his kid’s book The Giving Tree. The kid just takes and takes and takes. The tree just gives and gives and gives. And the kid stays unhappy–even until he grows all the way up. The tree stays happy–even until she gets cut all the way down. It’s a…

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5 + ways to stay sane during the holidays (and other nutty times)

1. Breathe. Our breath is the most powerful area of the nervous system we have the most control over. One of the first and most immediate side effects of the activation of the sympathetic nervous system–in charge of our fight, fight or flee response–is the shortening of our breath. Ask nearly anybody how they’re feeling…

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