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what does being free mean to you? anything is possible

What does being free mean to you? ‘To feel free is to close my eyes and believe that anything is possible.’ Chloe, designer. Introducing the LibreFree Project. Featuring dancers, artists, writers, designers, teachers. Lawyers. Philanthropists. Dreamers and doers. People who inspire us. It’s the way they live, the way they show up in the world,…

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5 Hidden Travel Gems on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

It’s sensation stimulation grande central. Vancouver BC’s Granville Island is known as a mecca for creativity: musicians, artisans, clothing designers, pottery- and broom-makers, specialty coffee roasters, and many more. Buskers fill the streets with music. Children skip through the Kids Market. Students at Emily Carr University of Art + Design haul their canvases between classes….

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5 creativity blogs to get your creativity mojo flowing

Everyone–no matter how creative–needs a little stimulation sometimes. A little inspiration. Thankfully, a little inspiration goes a long way. Take 5 minutes to check out one of these uber spark-inducing blogs compiled for you by us here at Libre Retreats, and dive into your creative self. She (or he) is waiting. 1. Idea Sandbox The…

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