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meltdowns, and other gifts from the universe

In the moment of meltdown, there’s always truth emerging. In the instant we decide that we just can’t keep going on this way anymore, the way opens. When we’re spiraling and spinning out of control, the moment we let go is the moment we begin to fly. I had this moment not so long ago….

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the pinball effect: how to stop smacking up against life and move towards your dharma

Bam! I ricocheted off the wrong career path. Again. Whammo! I recoiled from a relationship with the wrong man. Again. Kerblang! I curled away from a potential future ‘friend’ who actually wanted to be a mentee. Again. Zing! I escaped the oh-so-wrong-for-me networking group just before the hefty membership fees kicked in. Again. THEN: HEADING…

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the high dive. what do you do when you feel fear? 1 uniquely powerful tool [vid]

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what the what? de-coding body talk

Can you hear it? Your essential self—genetic legacy, tastes and talents, the core you that makes decisions from a place of love—talks to you through your body. Our essential self goes beyond the language and logic of the social self. Guess what? The verbal, logistical, analytical, numeric brain processes about 40 bits of information per…

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Why Living Our Dreams is Less Work, More Play

CLEAR SKY, FUZZY HEAD The sky was clear, the sun was rising, and I was charging over the Granville Street Bridge, pony tail bouncing, shoes click-clacking: purposeful, determined, energized—and confused. The little things count. Everything we do or dedicate our intention towards matters. Especially when we’re living a dream. As ease-full as it can be…

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