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7 crazy sexy blogs on love, food, sex and money

Make love, and profit Danielle LaPorte digs deep from her own life experience and proven successes to teach soulful ways to make an abundant living doing what you love–and more. Mark Silver embraces Sufism, business savvy and listening to your soul. Jonathan Fields writes riveting, from-the-heart, razor-sharp insights about work, play, life and making a…

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5 creativity blogs to get your creativity mojo flowing

Everyone–no matter how creative–needs a little stimulation sometimes. A little inspiration. Thankfully, a little inspiration goes a long way. Take 5 minutes to check out one of these uber spark-inducing blogs compiled for you by us here at Libre Retreats, and dive into your creative self. She (or he) is waiting. 1. Idea Sandbox The…

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