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3 ‘You Deserve It’ 40% off Scholarship Spots Open for Revitalized Woman Weekend Retreat

We want to give you a getaway that’s more than a getaway. We’re offering: 3 ‘You Deserve It’ spaces at the Revitalized Woman Weekend Retreat—for 40% off. That’s 40% off the private accommodation price! All you need to do to be considered is answer this question in under 100 words: “Why do you need a…

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Overwhelmed? 10 Yoga + Mindfulness Tools. Go From Frazzled to Fine

We all feel overwhelmed sometimes. Sometimes all the time. It doesn’t matter whether you have relatively few responsibilities or a ton of them. Whether you’re a full-time professional or stay-at-home-mom—or both. Overwhelm is subjective, just like stress and anxiety. What one person finds exciting or challenging, another can find, frankly, cause for a freak-out. Luckily,…

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