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is positive thinking all it’s cracked up to be? the power behind feeling vs. trying

Think positive! Be on the bright side! See that glass? It’s not half-empty, it’s half-full! Right?!!! Oy. It can be exhausting just thinking about positive thinking. The benefits of looking for the good in every situation, catching thoughts that we label ‘negative’ and shaking a very stern finger at them, and intoning affirmations written by…

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easing into it: on letting go, taking the piss, and having a laugh–on and off the yoga mat

GETTING PISSED OFFI was in a yoga class with yoga therapist Susan Van Zag the other day. She started our class–a tailored ascent into dancer’s pose–with a story, or rather, “a thing” as she smilingly called it. She talked about how she’d had been upset by something a friend of hers had done, how she’d…

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