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Bilodeau’s Olympic gold, snow, yoga [video]: same same

OlympicsWe dreaded them. We raved about them. We left the city. We raced to watch the flag go by. Whatever our reaction, everybody in Vancouver had their opinion on the Olympic Games. SnowIt made me think of last winter, when the big snow storm hit. And all the papers reported on the traffic snarls, the…

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starbucks love project

Love this! [youtube]

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Is our world defined by polarities?

It’s everywhere. Yin and yang. Light and darkness. Sukha and Sthira. Ease and effort. Positive and negative. Sun and moon. Ha and Tha. And, of course, Newton: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Is our world defined by polarities? This is something I’m pondering. Because I’m thinking of the struggle against…

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puppies for stress relief

A story that has made my day. Filing it under ‘Earth is a good place to be’. Nevermind the fact that NBC Washington classified it under ‘Weird’. Finals week is here for students at ChapmanUniversity in Orange. And with it comes stress, study sessions and long sighs of frustration. The solution: 10 puppies. Maltese, Yorkie,…

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