October, 2011

daring to go the distance: kundalini yoga, gloria latham + gurmukh

5 Q’s WITH KUNDALINI ROCK STAR GLORIA LATHAM, SEMPERVIVA YOGA Can you talk about the importance of a personal yoga practice? Yogi Bhajan said that 90% of insanity comes from our inability to commit. Our inability to commit to a daily yoga/spiritual practice is our only impediment to our growth. If you want to grow…

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tantrums + tiaras. what does your inner kid-critic throw at you?

I haven’t named her yet. Some people call theirs Fred. I’ve heard Fang. And Lucille. I haven’t gotten to that step, but I sure know what she likes to wear: tiaras. And I sure know what she likes to throw: tantrums. My inner self-saboteur is about two years old most of the time. Sometimes she’s…

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On Letting Go by Letting Be

  Trying to let something go? Try this: Let it be there.

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