May, 2011

5 de-stress yoga tips for moms

Full disclosure: I’m not a mom. So what makes me think I can share tips that help moms de-stress and come back to calm? Because stress is universal and the tips that help it are, too. I’ve taught stress busters to corporate execs, academics, students and working moms. I’ve dealt with the Vata dosha–my dominant…

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i believe in us. today i’m gonna try and change the world

I believe in love. I believe small acts of kindness make a big difference. …right now, someone is giving someone else their seat on the bus, and transforming their experience of that moment—or even their whole day. I believe in the human capacity to grow, to evolve, to create positive change in the world—even if…

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laughter, joy, capturing the essence: yoga photography inspiration

If their effect on those they work with around the globe is anything like what they inspire in people here in Vancouver, yoga photographers and videographers Ian and Josie are truly bringing light to the world. They’ve shot Gurmukh, Shiva Rea, Semperviva Yoga, the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, and tons more. “You just want…

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yoga is my prozac: 2 studies on why a yoga practice is great for your health

YOGA IS MY DRUG? “Actually,” he replied, “I figured it was Prozac.” Ha! This was the joking response of a guy I do some work with when I asked him, “How do you think I stay pretty much happy almost all the time?” He was adding up the total hours in a year that he…

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positive pyschology + creativity: finding flow

You don’t have to be a starving artist to be creative. The proof is in this video by the founding father of positive psychology.

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