September, 2010

compassion in action: what does it really come down to?

(This is an exploration–not a dictation.) START WHERE YOU AREThere’s a reason Pema Chodron’s Guide to Compassionate Living is called Start Where You Are. I’m  mid-way through this illuminating insight into certain Buddhist practices and it’s already changing my life–from the inside out. I’m reading it because compassion, sometimes referred to as ahimsa, in yoga-speak, is something…

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5 Qs with Gloria Latham: Kundalini yoga, yoga for every body, intensity [vid]

Five questions with Gloria Latham, Kundalini yoga supa-stah, and co-founder of Semperviva Yoga. 1. You’re known for your real-life approach to yoga, and making yoga accessible. Can you talk about why this is important to you? The level of stress in our modern day lives is staggering. We often neglect our physical, emotional, and mental…

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leonard cohen: ring the bell that still can ring [vid]

Ring the bell that still can ringForget your perfect offeringThere is a crack in everythingThat’s how the light gets in– Leonard Cohen [youtube]

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can you be better all the time? practicing compassion

It’s not a revolutionary idea to say that there’s a lot of pressure to be better. ON THE MATIn a yoga class, the idea that we need to be better can come up anywhere. It happens a lot within asana (physical poses), where we compromise the integrity of the pose—and put our bodies at risk…

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5 Qs with Annie Carpenter: SmartFlow yoga, more than asana, and acceptance [vid]

1. You’ve coined the term SmartFlow yoga. What does it mean to you and why did you come up with it?Smart refers to 3 things: having an intention that is specific and clear; creating a sequence that can move one towards that intention (and this refers to a sequence of poses inside of a single…

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yoga unleashed: reaching out for your help [vids] Hello lovely Joy for Lifers. The above video is my entry for the Yoga Unleashed contest. Ultimately, it’s about getting to share what we do with even more people, and being of greater service. Me and my friend, Amrita Yoga’s Elle Scott, have both leaped out of our comfort zone, and entered. It would be…

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jewellery by Annie Band: let your heart be open as the sky

I know I’m not alone when I say I love accessories with meaning. There’s a whole giant crew of us out there who love love love when what we’re wearing reminds us and inspires us. And while I may not have the moolah to score one of jewellery designer Annie Band’s latest gems, I feel…

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what’s the point? practicing non-attachment [vid]

A meandering, exploring kind of blog post. Let’s see what comes up. Non-attachment. Vairagya in Sanskrit. Buddhists seem big on it. My teacher, Swami Maheshananda Saraswati, encourages us to practice it. But what the heck is it, exactly? And how does it relate to our daily modern life? Friends of mine from Moksana Yoga recently…

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yoga rant: escapist or taking action? you pick. for Elephant Journal

This is a bit of a rant. But Elephant Journal readers are used to opinionated people. CHECKED OUTI’m opposing a popular viewpoint. You’ll have noticed it among a ton of people who practice yoga, I’m sure. Here’s how it usually goes: I’m doing my morning practice/ going to this yoga class/ living at the ashram…

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happy national yoga month! free classes from My Yoga Online

September is National Yoga Month. Hurrrraaayyyy! Yay for yoga, yay for peace, yay for bringing it all to the world. To celebrate, my favourite online yoga resource–okay, full disclosure: I’m in love with them, and I work with them–My Yoga Online is offering a selection of free classes. Free. Yup, free. For anyone. Anywhere in…

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