June, 2009

don’t know, don’t care. really?!


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flow: when engagement meets skill. where’s yours?

Here’s something interesting, courtesy a fashion writer for the New York Times (odd, I know). He references the concept I once read about in Yoga Journal; the idea that our asana practice–and, in full take-away tip mode, our life–is best when it’s just challenging enough to let our mind and ego drop away. There’s a…

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in the news: 200 yogis in Times Square

This is pretty cool. The New York Post reported that Over 200 people rolled out their yoga mats for the five free yoga workshops put on by the Times Square Alliance to celebrate the first day of summer and the longest day of the year” “It’s amazing to be in the middle of Times Square…

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rant: yoga slams the “isms”. that’s the point

Sometimes people get this look on their face when I tell them I teach yoga. “Oh,” it says, “you’ve abandoned any attempts at actually working at something useful.” It’s not often I have the inclination or the opportunity to regale them with the full force of my, and our, shared passion for what we know…

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service before self: lessons from a non-yogi

Psychology Today’s Michael J. Formica’s tales about his dad are an an inspiring lead-in to an action-provoking post on Karma Yoga. “The Law of Karma, in its simplest interpretation, suggests that “you get what you give”. One of the great vulnerabilities of humanity has always been the failure to recognize that we live in a…

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yoga stylista: publicist karen green on kripalu and the bull who wouldn’t fight

Yoga Style KripaluPersonal Style jeans, Indian cottonMantra Buck up Karen works in marketing and publicity in the arts, dealing mostly with literary book publishing. She also writes a little–journalism and poetry–and edits, a little. When and why did you start practicing yoga?It was a while ago. I think some work colleagues (in Winnipeg) suggested going…

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light on: when the universe steps up

Beautiful moments happen when things are going terribly. I kept learning this, over and over again, on my trip. When I Got LostThe first time it happened was the best. I was standing on a train platform in a small French town. I was not supposed to be there. But I’d missed my transfer on…

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eionn finn on yoga: what’s the point, anyway?

i enter the practice feeling scattered, jaded and a little dull and i leave feeling in love with life.that is why most teachers teach yoga. to connect with this part inside that is the source of all of our deepest inspiration. when you taste it deeply, you have to share it.~ eionn finn If you…

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yoga “trainers” pose for iphone

We’ve got Tibetan singing bowls to use in class on our iPods and iPhones. Actual pose guides were just an Apple nanosecond away. New app Yogacardz (they must be cool, the name has a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’) has just launched 101 yoga poses, each apparently “supervised by certified professional yoga trainers”, each on…

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yoga convo while high = down to earth outcome

Flying HighI might have been high during it, but I think the post-convo outcome is pretty down-to-earth. A couple days ago, I was having a chat with yoga teacher Dan Lindsay (he’s got a cool name, hey? ;). Dan teaches here in Vancouver at Exhale and Semperviva, plus for Vancouver Corporate Yoga. If you have…

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