April, 2009

reality check: Irish eyes aren’t smiling

“In Ireland, people are happy to just have a job. There are engineers selling newspapers.” Maybe we should go back and re-read that. I love reality checks. Here I am, cozily snuggled into my apartment I adore, in a classy neighbourhood I feel safe and secure in, writing my blog, zipping emails back-and-forth with future…

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high technology gets the yoga high

There ain’t nothin‘ those Appleites won’t get their hands on. Well, if it’ll sell well. So the new Apple iPhone and iPod Touch application must be a sign that North American consumers are headed in a more peaceful, strong, joyful direction. (Stay with me here.)Oceanhouse Media’s “Bowls” application–a visual and aural replica of authentic Tibetan…

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saucha whatcha? this yoga niyama’s got your back

Don’cha just love it when yoga comes to the rescue? There I am, benignly batting my eyes about the latest bad news I haven’t heard about, while my convo buddy exclaims over my lack of insight into world affairs–and bammo! I’ve got an excuse. Er, I mean, rebuttal. I’m practicing saucha, a yoga niyama, or…

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rumi on waking up

though we seem to be sleeping,there is an inner wakefulnessthat directs the dream,and that will eventually startleus back to the truth of who we are.– Rumi Relatedinspiration: trustjack johnson for yoga

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feelin down? use this yoga pose to take your mood up

Feelin‘ down? Turn yourself around. One of the biggest bonuses to bringing your head onto the ground is a literal change in perspective. Shoulder stand and head stand (and even a teddy bear stand) give us a big-time boost in our brain, through fresh blood, prana and more. Top 5 More Reasonswhy going upside down…

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stress less: top 5 ayur veda tips. hint: spiky plants do it with computers

“Ayur Veda is relationship.” Yogachaitanya dropped this insight, from Dr. Lad–one of the West’s hottest go-tos on holistic health system Ayur Veda–as the intro to his seminar yesterday evening. Known to his buds and students as Chai, Yogachaitanya walks the talk. He studied at the Bihar School of Yoga in India, mastered martial arts–he’s now…

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sucky self-doubt? bring it on

There’s definitely something to be said for being humble. But self-doubt? Nadda. Not one good thing about it. Here’s the bad news: It had been growing like a weed in my good times garden for about a week. Name absolutely any activity you can think of, and I was feeling insecure about my ability to…

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inspiration: soul twittering

“If you do a good job for others, you heal yourself at the same time, because a dose of joy is a spiritual cure.” -Dietrich BonhoefferFrom Athena Romonav “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” -Oscar WildeFrom BestFood Baby RelatedYoga Block Rockin BeatsWar: Pyramids and Blocks

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thanks for nothing

On days when everything seems to have gone wrong, and even the weather (dark and rainy) is reflecting the change, having faith that everything happens for a reason–and it’s all going to come around in the end–can feel about as easy as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro when you’ve never even gone on a hike. Today’s a…

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mystic skeptic meets master healer: jaw drops

Mystic SkepticI’ve never felt the need to shake an 8-ball. When friends suggested Tarot card readings, I shrugged them off. Reiki sessions with an acquaintance waving her hands around my body just left me wishing for a massage. Until I met Dennis. He arrived in my yoga class–10 minutes before anyone else–a couple weeks ago….

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