July, 2008

Learnings: Noise

Noise. It’s the bane of my existence. I’ve always identified as a highly sensitive person, as defined by Psychologist Elaine N. Aron. Apparently about 20% of the population, and most “higher animals” are. It’s no big thing, nothing that makes us special, just more sensitive. Touch is more intense. Tastes and smells are stronger. And,…

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Take-Away Tip: State of Face

To Keep the Yoga Going Off the Mat On the mat: We notice the state of our face, the expression we’re holding, while in a pose. We notice that, when we lift the corners of our mouths, even just a little, our experience of the pose changes. Somehow, miraculously almost, the same challenging, somewhat uncomfortable…

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Simple Stress Buster: Breathe

Here’s something I like to do–for just five minutes–when things are feeling overwhelming. Long Deep BreathingOn an inhale, bring your attention and intention to your belly. Let it get big and round (elastic waist pants, or even an undone waistband!, work best).Carry that inhale into your torso, expanding three-dimensionally in your rib cage: out to…

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Take-Away Tip: You Are Okay

To Keep the Yoga Going Off the Mat On the mat:When I teach, each person in class has a different response to each moment–and it’s all evident on their face (as it is on mine, too, I’m sure!). People sometimes appear serenely blissed-out, but also downright grumpy (especially in plank ;). During my first few…

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Take-Away Tip: Dr. Oz

To Keep the Yoga Going Off the Mat Oprah’s Dr. Oz is a yogi, too! He has a short and sweet morning routine, detailed here.

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Simple Stress Buster: Lion’s Breath

Lion’s Breath is a simple trick we can do anytime, anywhere, to relieve pent-up tension. It looks hilarious, but don’t let that stop you! It’s powerful. (If you need to, you can do it in the bathroom stall at work.) Look at your nose or just between your eyebrows. Take a deep inhale. Exhale from…

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Take-Away Tip: Unity

To Keep the Yoga Going off the Mat On the Mat: I often like to start each class with greetings. We take a look around the room, to our left and our right, in front and behind, and exchange a smile and a “hello” with the people around us. Some people hug, others high-five. I…

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Learnings: Enjoy the Ride

I’m on vacation! And, in the true spirit of truly vacationing, I’m avoiding the computer. We drove ten hours–ten loooong hours–into the Kootenays. I’m not the best road tripper. I’ve always liked being at the places I was heading, much more than the getting there. But ten hours in a car is enough to teach…

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Giving Thanks: Bugs

The two flies would not go away. They landed–on my feet, my arms, my legs–I swiped. They landed. I swiped. Didn’t they know I was trying to do my asanas? The nerve! This went on for what seemed like an unbearably long time, and I got more and more frustrated, and less and less interested…

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Home Practice: Just Start

Getting going can be the hardest part. Some mornings, like today, I’ve been up late the night before, man oh man my mind is all over the place, and I’m convinced my body is telling me to go back to bed. “Don’t you think another hour’s sleep would benefit you more than meditation and asana?”…

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