knowing this one thing will help you do what you think you can’t

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The doubting mind

Ever get stuck thinking this way? “Sure, this sounds great. And maybe other people have done it. But I’m not other people. I can’t do what they’ve done.”

This is a true story about apples and oranges

I have a story to share with you about an inspiring guy I know.

I’ll call him Jeffrey. He’s a client of mine. I’d asked him to look for evidence that other people he knew of had overcome a challenge like the one he was facing.
His first reaction was what most of us default to: “…but it’s different for them. Comparing them to me would be like comparing apples and oranges.”

Your personal source of unlimited potential

Here’s the most important thing: At our core, our deepest self, we all share the same essence. Your soul knows this. There’s two parts: your jivatman unique, personal soul and the paramatman universal, infinite soul. Both are within you.

We’re united by the paramatman infinite, universal soul. That means that you have within you the same strength and unlimited potential of anybody who’s done what you would like to do.

Living proof: here’s that fruit again

Jeffrey did the exercise, made his list, and as soon as he hit send on his email to me, was redirected to a webpage where he found even more evidence that what he was worrying would happen wasn’t going to happen.

The next time we talked, Jeffrey had turned a corner. He’d gone from believing he was comparing apples to oranges to firmly telling me: “We’re all pieces of fruit.”


Find your tribe. Make a list of other people who’ve done what you dream of doing. Find at least three of them. You don’t need to know them personally, you can just know of them. Your paramatman universal soul knows that if they did it, you can, too. And your jivatman unique soul can guide you towards it in a way that works best for you.


@lindsey_lewis: You have within you the same strength and unlimited potential of anybody who’s done what you would like to do. #365dayshappy

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