what to do when what you want and what others want for you are two different things. Destiny calls.

What we want. And what we yearn for. What we think we can’t have. Do you feel conflicted? You’re not alone.

One beautiful, powerful way to get what we want is to recognize the source of our desires—and our fears. Do you know your essential self? It knows you. And it knows your dharma, your destiny, and how to get you there. But our social self gets in the way.

Essential Self

– Your tastes and talents, your soul, your truest self.
– Makes decisions from a place of love—feeling drawn towards.
– Communicates to us through physical sensation—the non-verbal part of our brain processes between 8 to 11 million bits of information per second.

Social Self

– The part of you that wants to please people, cooperate with people, and prioritize keeping things harmonious with others.
– Makes decisions from a place of fear—feeling aversion to.
– Communicates to us through thoughts—the verbal part of our brain processes only 40 bits of information per second.

Today, get to know your Essential Self:

Start feeling into the physical sensations you get when considering doing–or not doing–something. Begin to listen to the part of you that’s getting info from your non-verbal brain, processing 8 to 11 billion bits of information per second. Let thoughts of what others will think take a backseat.

Like this way of understanding yourself? Thanks Martha Beck.

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Aug 27, 2013 · Comment

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