7 steps to start using your intuition today. On track. On purpose.

Making Intuition Choices

On purpose. In alignment. On track.

Living your dharma. Being who you are meant to be.

Shining brighter, bigger. Happier. Healthier. Embracing opportunities.

Lit up.

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Making intuitive choices means that you get to be all of these things. It means you get to know which choice to make. And know you are making the right decision. It means you get to live in alignment with your dharma, your purpose for being on this planet. It means you get to be free of doubt. Free from insecurity. Free from worry.

7 Steps to Start Using Your Intuition Today

1. Grab a blank sheet of paper.

2. Draw a horizontal line
from one edge to the other—leaving a little space on either end.

3. On the left edge of the line, write – 10; on the right edge of the line, write + 10
a. This line represents your range of intuition experiences: the + side is times and places where you felt very certain that something was right—even if you weren’t certain why; and the – side is times and places where you felt very certain something was wrong—even it seemed like all the facts would tell you otherwise.

4. Close your eyes and remember a specific instance or multiple instances where you felt very certain something was right—especially if you didn’t quite know why you felt certain. Dive deep into these memories, noticing everything about them. What do you see, hear, feel, taste, touch? Now shift your awareness to your physical sensations. As you sit with these memories, what do you feel in your body?

Scan from your head, through your shoulders, into your arms, down your torso, into your stomach, your hips, through your legs, and into your feet.

5. Note down every physical sensation. Remember that we’re looking for physical sensations here—not emotions. Get very specific about what you feel in your body. Next: come up with a descriptive name or label for this group of sensations. What can you call them so that simply saying the name to yourself reminds of the way you felt?

6. Do the same thing for a specific instance, or multiple instances, where you felt very certain something was wrong—especially if it seemed like it should be right, based on all the logical facts.

7. Now you’ve got your Intuition Body Compass.
To use with reckless abandon and determined intention. Any time you need to make a decision, write out your choices. Then sit with each one and notice what physical sensations come up.

Closer ‘right’ or closer to ‘wrong’?


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