Semperviva’s Gloria Latham on work as play, and a kick-start to a dream


Who am I? Quite simply someone who is ridiculously passionate about yoga, and very eager to share that passion. Plus a proud mother of two beautiful girls. I am very fortunate that my work is something I love. I don’t have a distinction between work and play. I love it all.

Yoga Style Love them all, but Kundalini in particular.

Lots of your students have heard how you came to yoga all of a sudden. One take-home DVD and you were so hooked you signed up for teacher training. But why, after doing two teacher trainings–one for Hatha, one for Kundalini–did you stick with Kundalini?
Actually it was one take-home video (back in the days of). I love the way Kundalini yoga makes me feel. Kundalini helps you feel better fast. It is the most efficient yoga I know. You can work physically hard, chant, meditate, dance and sing all in an hour and fifteen minutes. I love teaching it, because it requires less “technical instruction” and thus there are more periods of silence that allow students to go inside and discover themselves.

Word has it that Semperviva has the best vibe out of Western Canada yoga studios. Many awards have backed this up. What’s different?
[Editor’s note: no payment was received for this question ;). It’s just simply true]
Thank you! What’s different? We have a great community of students! Our goal was to make yoga accessible to people of all ages and all abilities. We have made it our purpose to create a welcoming, supportive environment for people to come and practice yoga, and we have been blessed with an amazing community of students.

Stress Busters
I always say that yoga is simply practice for life. In yoga we put ourselves in uncomfortable positions and challenge ourselves to remain calm, and balanced by using the breath. This is simply life training. In life, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations constantly, and automatically through the practice of yoga, the breath techniques we learn in class filter into our lives and provide as with the calm and balance we need to live a full and more peaceful life

Gloria’s Top 7 Inspirational Media
Any and all music by
1. Bhagavan Das
2. Donna De Lory
3. Snatam Kaur
4. The Mama Mia soundtrack
5. It’s here now, are you? by Bhagavan Das
6. The Eight Human Talents by Gurmukh
7. The Yoga of Heart by Mark Whitwell

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