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To Keep the Yoga Going off the Mat

On the mat: we notice our mind’s reaction to a challenging pose (asana). We make the choice to watch the frustration and self-defeating thoughts, rather than attach to them. We choose, instead, to stay calm. We use deep breathing, awareness of the state of our face (are we frowning and tense?), and the knowledge that our mind is not our entire being.

Off the mat: we notice our mind’s reaction to a challenging situation (stress) and make the choice to watch the frustration and self-defeating, anxious thoughts, rather than attach to them.

We choose to be in control of our reactions, and our life, by using the tools we learn on the mat.

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I find that video hypnotizing. It’s real art. Using mimanil materials and a very limited space he’s able to create this incredibly evocative something or another. As Elizabeth Gilbert has it Allah, ole, ole, Allah, magnificent, bravo,’ incomprehensible, there it is a glimpse of God. God, a feeling for what Aikido actually is, whatever you want to call it. Waits is able to hold us inside a transcendant moment. I appreciate the connection you make to Lynda Barry. Somehow she didn’t come to mind, which is really strange because she’s always on my mind. And it really does seem the keynote of WHAT IT IS is the I don’t know octopus. Barry is out to facilitate the creative person in finding a place where they can encounter genius rather than be a genius. She pushes us to discover that we are much happier being non-geniuses (sub-geniuses?) living in a marvelous world where genies inhabit the walls. The person who can make poetry simply by telling their life in terms of ten cars they remember, who can pursue an imagining as easily as they can recall their first phone number, (two of Barry’s most used examples), not dragging their story behind them but water-skiing behind it (a third), that person has the proper orientation to making. That person, like Barry herself, is a sensible person amid marvels. A person oriented in that way is open to a collaboration with what is inspiring in the world. As Elizabeth Gilbert writes about it in terms of Waits, the creative process could be this peculiar, wondrous, bizarre collaboration kind of conversation between Tom and the strange, external thing that was not quite Tom. Again, marvelous post!


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