your destiny: the one big teaching that Buddhism, yoga, and self-help miss out on

The Beauty of In-Sight

From Buddhism we learn to navigate our thoughts and emotions, take responsibility for them, and not label them as good or bad. We invite in fear, anger, or jealousy and sit with them instead of avoid them.

From self-help with learn that when we’re upset with people, it usually has more to do with us than them. We recognize our triggers, the story-lines we have playing in our own head, and how it impacts what we perceive in other people.

From yoga we learn to find the place of peace and strength beneath our ego’s monkey mind and that this place is our ultimate truth. We watch our thoughts, instead of becoming them, and they begin to pass like clouds, instead of causing a storm.

We feel more peace, less stress. Our anxiety nearly disappears.

We’re stronger, calmer, more capable–in fact, we recognize that we can do anything.

We tap into our unlimited potential.

Missing Destiny

But something is missing from these teachings…and it’s important to you.

Do you feel like you should be able to better handle things in your life?
That if you were as spiritual, or well-adjusted, or enlightened as you should be, then you’d be happier and calmer more of the time?
People wouldn’t bother you, stress wouldn’t happen and life would be easy.

Destiny over Self-Doubt

We’re all here for a reason. To learn what we need to learn–so that we can be happy. Cosmically happy. Soul shine happy. Happy to the core. Content and at peace. Living from love instead of fear.

And yes, we can see every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Every trigger as an opportunity to learn more about the truth of who we are. And each fear- or anger-based thought as a message from an overstimulated amygdala/aka inner lizard–not our true self.

But what about destiny?

What about dharma?

What about what’s truly right and in alignment for your unique and beautiful soul?

There are some people, activities, and choices that are simply not right for what’s right and true for you.

You don’t need to be friends with everybody, be liked by everybody, or be the best at handling every situation. You’re not meant to be. You’re meant to live your destiny.

And what you’re destined for is different than the people you look up to, or the teachers who’s books you read, blogs you drop into, or shows you watch.

You are you–beautifully, uniquely, brilliantly YOU.

Don’t sacrifice your brilliance for the sake of being enlightened.

Don’t play second fiddle to the teachings you’re trying to integrate into your life.

Yes, watch your emotions, triggers, and story-lines from a place of great compassionate curiosity.

But don’t mistake all of this for the one and only way.

Because the best way is your way. That’s why you’re here. To be you.

To shine.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve, or convince yourself that activities and people that consistently trigger stress are ones you just need to get more enlightened about.

You get to choose what you do, who you spend time with, what activities you take on.

Choose the ones that lift you up. This is dharma. This is destiny.

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