liberated life 2013. what will you create? [space is limited]

Liberated Life 2013 life coaching yoga

2013. What do you want to do with it?

“I want to get out of being stuck, and get moving on the life I truly want to live.”

“I want to make choices that are right for me, not just what everyone around me wants.”

“I want to feel peace and empowerment in every area of my life—not just one.”

Liberated Life 2013 is my best life coaching program yet.

It’s about living your dharma—your purpose for being on this planet.

Deeply, uniquely happy.


7 life coaching sessions

+ bonus follow up call

+ free custom-tailored yoga practice

Live the life you want to live. Be who you want to be.

1. Accessing Your Essential Self
2. Listening to Your Essential Self
3. Overcoming Roadblocks 1
4. Overcoming Roadblocks 2
5. Daring to Dive into Disbelief and Doubt
6. Dreaming
7. Intuition for Life

+ 1 BONUS free follow-up call to keep you moving forward, and overcome any roadblocks that might have come up.
+ Your complimentary customized yoga practice to embody what and how you want to live.

I can only take a certain number of people, so space is limited.


Opens Friday, January 4–it will be live on that date here at To get the email with the sign-up page direct to your inbox on Jan 4th, register below.

Before Jan. 9: $499 (+ tax)
After Jan 9: $575 (+ tax)

After registration opens on January 4, book your first life coaching session by January 15. Everyone gets the first one completely free—to see if we click and if it feels right for you. You get everything from that first session free no matter what.

p.s. You’ll need a Skype account.

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