how to get what you really want

What do you want?

I want him to apologize.
I want her to be easier on me.
I want that person’s job.
I want to be riding my bike right now.

Here’s a few things I’ve wanted over the years: better pay, flexible hours, a job role I’d get to define, someone freakin’ amazing to love, great friends, vacations, to change the world…and chocolate.

The power in the complaint

If you find yourself complaining–you probably want something.
If you want something, you’ve got a challenge.
If you’ve got a challenge, it’s not a problem.
If it’s a challenge instead of a problem, you can do something about it.

Here’s the best part: if you can do something about it, you’re no longer at the mercy of outside forces.
You’re empowered.

You’ve got resources.
You’ve got a beautiful brain. You’ve got heart. And soul.

Getting what you really want

The mind gets caught up in the problem. The higher mind of your soul sees the learning in the challenge.
Our biggest challenge is to see things from a bigger, brighter perspective.

So what we want becomes what we really want.

I want him to apologize = I want to feel like he understands where I’m coming from.
If I felt like he understood where I’m coming from, I’d worry less about our future together.
What I really want is to feel less worried about our future together.

Ah ha! And so it goes.

Try this: think of something you’ve been complaining about.
Write it down.
In this situation, what do you want?
What would getting what you want make you feel?
What would feeling like that do for you?
Now you’ve gotten either very close to or bang on to what you really want.

Liberty and lightness

THIS is where your higher mind comes in to help with the challenge that’s no longer a problem. The mind (aka ego mind or monkey mind) believes it’s a problem. The higher mind knows it’s a challenge and there’s something meant to be learned. You get to choose which part of you to work with. Freedom! Liberty! Lightness.

From this new place of recognizing what it is you really want you get to take action.
Forward momentum. Truth ignited. Clearing the way and making a new path.

Or, you can stick to believing the problem and thinking about what you think you want, and go from there. He apologizes, you get the satisfaction of being right, and…that’s it. Till next time, when you get to go through the entire process again, because the core of the situation didn’t get solved. So that sounds fun.

If you choose to lift your perspective to that of your higher mind and your soul, the possibilities are limitless. And so are the solutions.

You’ll probably get even more than you asked for.

Chocolate becomes a treat that’s a physiological reward and turns into weekly free massages.

Now that’s fun.


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Wait, I cannot fathom it being so stdrfghtiorwaar.


That’s a mold-breaker. Great thinking!


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