if you’re feeling stressed: what getting creative can do for you and your dharma

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There’s a force within you.

Do you feel it?

Your soul is calling.

It’s already ignited. The flame is lit. The embers glow.

So do you.

If you’re feeling stressed–anxious, jittery, tense, tired, exhausted, or irritable–the force of your dharma is pressing.

Imagine trying to contain the sun.

Instead: setting loose the force of nature that’s within you.
Riding on the waves of the ocean of your soul–propelled ever forward.

Towards freedom. Liberty. Love.

People will ask why; maybe they’ll tell you it’s too crazy, too unusual.
They haven’t done it, so why could you?
Don’t believe them. This is your life.

Love them.

Give them compassion and witness what they say.
But let it wash over you–clouds across a bright blue sky.

Birds fly. So can you.

Flowers bloom. So can you.
Trees stay rooted and bend with the wind. So can you.
We’re all made of star stuff.

When we decide to believe

and start taking tentative steps towards creating, we’re no longer seeking.
We’re no longer grasping.
We take the helm of our life, and begin to live our dharma.

Stress goes down. Happiness bubbles up.

Anxiety, tension, aches and pains–these too have been known to disappear.

The force of creation.

Set it loose.
Be free.
No longer seeking, we begin creating.



Choose one small thing to create–a well-crafted email, a painting, a doodle, or a shift in a relationship dynamic. Anything is possible.

Thinking of you,


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