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raindrops on leaves courtesy FlickrCC Lindsey Lewis

Everything has an impact.

And everything is a choice.

How do you want to feel?

Apathetic, overwhelmed, tired, exhausted, frazzled…

Or lit up, on fire, in charge, empowered, full of joy?

Notice what you watch, what you eat
–what you let into your life

How do you feel when you
spend time with those people
hang out in that place
watch that TV show
read that magazine
re-think that same thought

How do your daily, minute to minute choices
Affect your ability to live your dream life?
Your ability to be who you want to be?

You always have choices.

You can always choose what is most true for you.

Light yourself up

Give yourself love
Satiate your cells with the nutrients of grace

Minute to minute
Day to day
Hour to hour
Week to week

…fill up your life with love

Choose every little thing

To be in alignment with your truest self.

Big love,


Apr 24, 2013 · Comment

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