10 ways to find the guru in you, new beginnings + getting what you really want. July round-up

10 Ways to Find the Guru in You for Mind Body Green

Your Sat Guru—true teacher within you—arrives when you finally call. When you’ve finally given up on hoping someone else will take the bait, take charge of things, or take your hand and show you the way. That’s when your Sat Guru shows up. Except they’ve been there all along—you’ve just finally decided to listen.

How to Get What You Really Want

There’s power in a complaint, and it’s yours. You can shift, change, alter the course of or completely re-vamp the situation. Here’s how to get what you really want.

Wealth and Abundance = Spiritual

Ascetics. Sadhus. Full-on yogis. Monks. Nuns. What they all have in common is a certain degree of renunciation. A letting go of earthly things and material goods—for the greater good. Or so we’re told.

Read This When You’re Feeling Too Small to Make a Difference or Make a Change

Don’t let your fears tell you to be afraid to live a big life. Choose your own definition of success. Define it according to internal instead of external coordinates. Ask yourself what’s possible.


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