5 Q’s with Gurmukh: rapid Kundalini yoga, why the white, and on compassion

She’s powerful, she’s inspiring, she’s potentially life-changing. 5 questions with Kundalini yogini to the stars Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa.

1. What’s the magic behind Kundalini yoga? What makes it so effective in terms of personal growth and spiritual evolution?

The magic of Kundalini Yoga is that it works fast. In this world where people are being taxed with so much mentality through the quick pace of living and the technology that is always in front of us, Kundalini Yoga takes you back to your source. It takes you back to that quiet place inside where you get a grip on reality: what’s really real and what’s really important. It heals quickly. Everything happens exponentially in Kundalini Yoga, for the design is for tomorrow when we don’t have so long a span of attention. Kundalini Yoga takes you right into yourself, and gives you a beautiful perspective.

It takes you back to what’s really real and what’s really important in your life. In one class you wind down to the real you. You wind down to your spiritual self, to your destiny. You understand so much more that’s not seen with the eyes or heard with the ears, which can be found at the end and in-between the inhale and the exhale. I could write volumes of stories from these past 40 years of how people’s lives have changed for the better: their health, their spiritual life, their prosperity, their creativity, their loving relationships. Your head gets on right.

2. You spent many years studying with Yogi Bhajan. Can you share some of the ways in which he impacted your life?

He didn’t just impact my life. He changed my life. As a spiritual teacher for 35 years, he helped me rewrite what could have been possibly a very disastrous fate. He lifted me out of confusion and out of drugs. He lifted me out of depression into an exaltation, a reason to live, and a reason to be, with a mission and intention. Forever I am thankful to him.

3. You encourage yoga students and teachers to visit India. Can you talk about why this is important?

India is the home. Really, to taste good Italian food, go to Italy. To understand the ways of island people or the indigenous ones, go to the islands. Go to the source of that which you’re studying and learning. Be with the people, live with the people, eat with the people, breathe with the people, remember God’s Name with the people, practice yoga with the people, chant. It’s the quickest way to jump in. It’s absolutely magic. It’s absolutely a delight. It’s so much fun!

4. Many people wonder: What’s the significance of the white clothing and turban?

The white clothing is for purity. All the colors of the prism together are white. It feels good to wear white. It’s the color that elevates me more than any other. I just love to wear white. The only way you can know the truth in that is to experiment with it.

It’s scientific. [The turban] puts a pressure on your temples. It sends all the energy up to your sixth and seventh chakras, your crown, and your higher consciousness and intelligence. We do not cut our hair. Like Lord Shiva, we wear our hair on top of our head in a rishi knot for all the energy to come down into our higher centers. One would not know this is the truth unless you experimented yourself and experience how it feels: wearing white; the turban; and not cutting your hair, letting it grow, and wearing it on top of your head. I like it. It makes me feel really, really good.

5. If you could tell a room full of 1000 students just one thing, what would it be?
Know as a human being (“hu-man” means “light of the mind”) that the only way to happiness is through compassion and kindness. Thank you.

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