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Here’s this week’s inspirational video.

Check out this fun space SoulPancake built on a busy street corner. Watching these new friends totally made my day–especially the ones who take their teeth out.

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video take a seat make a friend - lindsey lewis

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Apr 22, 2013 · Comment (7)

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This is fantastic. I love it :)

Thanks so much for sharing this, L, it really did “light me up” :D

“I think it was kindergarten… I don’t remember his name but… he was beautiful.”

And I just imagined what it’d take to set this up. It ‘sounds easy’ but the production quality is incredible. Did people have to sign waivers? lol.

Soul Pancake delivers again.


Soul Pancake–love ’em. Trust a life coach to think of the waiver side of things ; )


The sound on this video does NOT come on???


How can I get this sent to me once again? I listened the first time I received it, only to be soon interrupted with unexpected company. I really enjoyed what I did hear, but I am afraid that I missed most of it.


Hi Betty–you should be able to just replay the video any time you like.

Cheers, L


Loved this. Just saw the Dalai Lama talk on how we need to sit down and talk about our similarities and differences to start to work for peace –
this video shows it happening. Peace starts with knowing yourself and then learning about others, including strangers.
Thanks for sharing. Had not heard of Soul Pancake, but it’s great.
We clearly need more ball pits in the world… and brave adults to sit in them and talk and play and get to know each other…
thank you for sharing this


yes! what is AMAZING is when two total strangers see themselves in each other.


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