I may have taken my ‘overcoming fear’ self-challenges too far [video]


I’ve got a thing for facing my fear.

But don’t think I’m doing the SkyJump in Vegas, or skiing The Coffin at Whistler-Blackcomb. I’m riding the bus. Going sailing. Answering the door.

Doing regular things that cause me anxiety or make me worry–a friendlier name for fear.

Over the years, I’ve experienced a dramatic shift in how I handle life. I no longer “handle” life. I love it. I am thriving. And it’s new enough that it still feels unexpected. Different.

Two things have been life changing:

1. Becoming aware of my own thinking
2. Learning to laugh at it

Just ‘cos I’m thriving doesn’t mean I don’t get anxious, that I have eradicated anything other than positive, uplifting thoughts. Ha. That makes me laugh.

This is Who I am

I’m the girl who considered standing up on the bus an adrenaline-fueled activity. Who, when asked by a prospective boyfriend what she liked to do outside of work, responded with “I read a lot.” Who secretly took an Ativan each evening on her first sailing trip.

I’m now the woman who considers skiing black diamond runs–except for The Coffin–an adrenaline-fueled activity. Who said ‘yes’ to getting up in front of 1,000 people. Who slept without Ativan the last time she went sailing.

And what has changed the most is my relationship with fear and worry–my own inner anxious thinking.

This is What Laughter Does

Now, I can laugh at it.

And this has been so life changing, so radiantly impactful, that I felt compelled to take my ‘F fear’ self-challenges one step further. I signed up for a stand-up comedy class. That culminates with performing live on stage at Yuk Yuk’s in Vancouver. Waaat.

As soon as I made the payment to register my brain hit the fan. My inner anxious woman went beserk. She was freaking out. “What the h did you just do?! Why did you do that?! You’re not even funny!” And that last one felt like the biggie. You can see a picture of my face in that moment on both my facebook pages–and instagram. I figured if I posted about it, it would up the ‘face my fear’ factor–because I wouldn’t be able to back out.

And I don’t care.

This feels important. My Higher Self says ‘Oh heck, yes. I’m all in.’

So I’m gonna do it.

When I told my mom about it she laughed, told me to go for it, and then said “You better get started.” The class doesn’t start until January. I have 11 pages of what might be material. Because, like I said to my mom, “I know. Because everyone else in the class will be … funny!”

The Life Changing Impact of Laughing at Ourselves

I’m applying to speak at PowHERtalks about The Life Changing Impact of Laughing at Ourselves.

Here’s what I had to say about it:

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