how to overcome your fear

I have a LOT of experience with fear. Anxiety. All of the above.

But, like you, I’ve also got big dreams. And big dreams mean big things. They mean getting out of my comfort zone, stepping up, and stepping out. They mean moving forward when you want to go back. They mean taking the leap before you feel you’ve grown the wings to fly. They mean facing your fear, and doing it anyway.

So I’ve also got a LOT of experience with overcoming fear.

And I’m sharing them here, because this is powerful stuff. You deserve to fly. And the world wants to see you do it.

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Keep on facing your fear. Believe in yourself. Write down every single affirmation of YOU that anyone has ever said. Make a list and keep it handy. Store it in your smart phone, on your laptop, on your wall. It’s a meditation, a prayer, and a remembrance.

Much love,


Oct 8, 2012 · Comment

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