How to Support You and Your Business

Are you feeling freaked out? I was, too. Let’s talk about how to support you and your business.

I’m running a call called ‘How to Support You and Your Business’.

When: Tuesday, March 24 at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET. Set aside an hour for us.

Where: Zoom. Use this link to join:

You don’t need more toilet paper. There was a moment though, where I thought we did. “Maybe we need to get more toilet paper,” I said to my husband. “Do we need to get more toilet paper?” I’d sunk into a panic. I didn’t feel safe and I wanted to find something to do, some way to feel safer, and to make sure my family would be safe.

Are you feeling this way?

Be with me for a moment. Let’s take a deep breath together. Let’s move our bodies a little bit—stand strong if we feel ungrounded, or move flowingly if we feel locked up. This will help get out of the fight or flight response and into our inner wisdom an intelligence.

Creativity is available in this moment. New ideas. Ways to take care of ourselves and our businesses. We can thrive through this.

I’m about to share something that’s on a kind of socially sensitive subject.

In the Philippines they have a little bucket called a Tabo that they use to pour water onto their butts. I’m guessing afterwards they use a washable cloth to dry with. To me, this seems even better than toilet paper.

On my walk into work today, the bridge across the water into downtown had more people on it and more cyclists than I’ve seen before. I thought “Huh. A post-virus world could mean we’re all actually fitter.”

I sent a text message to an acquaintance today letting her know I was thinking of her and her family in Italy—sending her and them love. A post-virus world could mean we’re all more connected.

My husband is a chiropractor. We had a conversation last night about his business, about his patients with their pain and their need for help and them wondering if it was safe to come in. He’s going to have his staff call the patients and let them know the cleaning and sterilizing measures they’re taking, and how they are asking anyone who is sick not to come in. I wish my accupuncturist’s office would do that.

We talked about a café that just opened near us—a business many people may be avoiding at this time. I thought: “If they opened a to-go window, they’d be thriving right now. People still want to be able to participate in the social joy of getting a coffee and a snack from a café.”

Here’s what I’m thinking. Necessity is the mother of invention. You can thrive through this. First: you need to take care of yourself. So you can get to a place inside where you can access your inner wisdom and smarts.

Second: from there, you can think of ways to care-take your business and the people who you serve through it.

Let’s talk about this. I’m running a call called ‘How to Support You and Your Business’.

When: Tuesday, March 24 at 11 am PT/ 2 pm ET

Where: Zoom. Use this link to join:

If you want support, join me there.

Love Lindsey

Mar 17, 2020 · Comment

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