the two ways to do anything

There are two ways to do anything

– getting a job
– finding a home
– creating a product
– launching a business
– getting a haircut
– you name it

Way 1

Do market research.
Look at listings. Check ads. Go online and search.
Look at what other people have done and choose from what already exists.
See what’s out there and how you might fit in or alter what you want to mesh with what’s available.

And then push and pull and drag whatever you need to push or pull and drag
in order to make it happen.

Way 2

Let magic happen.
Decide exactly what would be absolutely, no compromises,
totally wonderfully perfect for you.

What lights you up?
What fuels your soul?

Get clear on your vision. Every little detail.
Walk around in it in your head.
Feel it with all of your senses.

Trust that it will happen.
Choose love over fear.
Let go.
And move on to the next thing that lights you up and brings you joy.

Let each joy-filled choice be your stepping stones
down the path to your dream.

Let happiness guide your way.
And let the universe invite you into the perfect place, the perfect opportunity,
and the perfect blossoming of your perfect dream.

Let there be ease, joy, and flow.


You are destined for your dream.
You are destined for a life of ease and flow and deep happiness.
Happiness with a capital ‘H.’ (A full-on proper noun, no less.)

You are destined to feel so filled-up and overflowed with joy
that your cup never feels empty.

You are destined for love.

Go for it.
The universe is waiting.

Big love,


May 16, 2013 · Comment (1)

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You are truly upbeat, full of light, hope and good cheer. Or is it too good to be true?
Thank you for sharing your idealism..and your very yogic approaches.
Wishing you love, happiness and good health.


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