the surprising downside of life balance

We’re not looking for balance, we’re looking for harmony.

It’s not about having our work play less of a role in our life;

it’s about having our work fulfill a bigger part of ourselves.

We’re looking for a dream, for living for the moment,

feeling so in the flow, turned on, switched on,
that we don’t have our thoughts dominated by a need for rest.

Because we feel at rest while we’re working.

We feel at ease, at peace, on purpose and in alignment.

Dreams exist in a parallel universe that can become your reality.

You are being called forward for a reason.
Your dream is reality. Choose it. Claim it. Live it.

Work doesn’t need to equal ‘work.’

Because you can get paid to play. To delight. To inspire.

Suddenly, everything you love becomes what you do.

Suddenly, everyone you love becomes who you spend the most time with.

And somehow, your entire life has become less about finding balance,

and more about finding the best flight path.

Because you became the change you wanted to see in your world.

You took the leap before you grew the wings to fly.
And now…well, look at you! Soaring.

Balance? How about love?

How about being fired up? How about living the dream?

How about waking up every morning with a ‘yes’ already on your lips.

It’s not about finding balance; it’s about finding harmony.

Much love,


Apr 2, 2013 · Comment

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