5 life lessons from a two and a half year old

starry sky courtesy FlickrCC suicineShe’s got these big blue eyes and tiny little hands. She circles her feet when she sleeps. And she talks nearly non-stop when she’s awake.

The Two and a Half Year Old Life Coach

My niece Maddy’s like a life coach. Even when Especially when recovering from extensive bone surgery. Through the pain meds, the fears, tears, and frustrations that come from being stuck in a body cast in the hospital, she still shines like a little beacon in the mess.

As Martha Beck-trained life coaches, a lot of what we do involves freeing people from the shackles of limiting or painful influences.

So that they can shine.

So that they can be who they want to be, and live the life they want to live. In a way, it’s like we get them back in touch with the part of them that sparkled when they were a kid–and then we bring in practical, effective, adult techniques to help them create a realistic, far-from-ordinary life from that space.

And even though she’s literally bound (in a cast), Maddy’s still living from that space.

5 Life Lessons from a Two and a Half Year Old

1. “This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life.”
Gratitude. Maddy doesn’t underestimate or under-express how great something is. Even if it’s a toy box.

2. “There are always stars in the sky.”
Realism vs. optimism. She said this while looking up at the flourescent light above her head. She’s not looking for the positive; she’s seeing what’s really there.

3. “Thank you. Please close the door all the way.”
Just because she appreciates what you’ve done doesn’t mean she wants you to come back. And she’ll ask you to respect that and close the door on your way out.

4. “I’m gonna be a little scared.”
Asking for help, admitting when she’s not feeling strong.

5. “I love me.”
And aint nobody gonna tell her otherwise.

Big love,


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