you can pilot your life. fly

Doubt sinks down. Hearts lift up.

Every time you show up in the world in the way that is most true for you, you give others permission to do the same.

Every time you listen to the voice that says ‘you can’, you fuel your engine. Spark your own fire, light it up, don’t let go.


Where there’s a dream, there’s a purpose;
where there’s a purpose, there’s passion;
and where there’s passion, there’s drive.
Get behind the wheel of your own life.


Drive into the sunset and then off the ledge.


have faith



Take smaller jumps if you need to.

Strengthen your wings. Strengthen your heart.

There will always be doubters; there will always be resistance.


Reach out to those who lift you up.


Seek inspiration voraciously.

Inhale strength, exhale resistance.

Give yourself over to the pull. Surrender to the ocean.


dive in
rise up
you can pilot your life. fly

Jul 24, 2012 · Comment

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