watching future-fantasizing

Lately I’ve been paying closer and closer attention to my mind. The thoughts I think. How they impact my day, my moment, the way I feel about everything.

I’ve been noticing how often my mind defaults to thinking about the future. Sure, it thinks about the past, too–things that have come before this moment–but most often it gets caught up in the future. What might happen next.

If I let the future-thinking carry me away, it costs me more than the present moment. It costs me my life.

Because the only place we ever live is now. So if I’m never in the now, I’m never living my life.

If I let it, my mind will convince me that I should be focusing on the future. That in order to create the life I continue to create, I must think about what’s next all the time.

I should always be going “What do I really want to create? What dream is calling my heart? What will this afternoon, tomorrow, or next year be like?”

I’m a big dreamer. I’m big on envisioning. Visualizing.

Becoming an active participant in creating the life that is calling us forward.

Coach Martha Beck has said that a positive character trait, a skill set or strength can become a detriment, if taken to an extreme.

My mind would have me believe otherwise, though. My mind would have me believe that in order to create anything I need to focus on it all the time. Or something will go wrong. Won’t happen. Won’t arrive.

Which is freaking hilarious.

I mean, who do I think I am? God?

I know that the reverse is true: that when I sit back more, rest more, stay PRESENT more, things unfold with greater ease, grace, and joy.

And: they do unfold. Things happen. The things I dream of. And more.

So, what do you say, wanna stay present with me?

Wanna live out this moment as though it were the most precious gift, filled with the grace of the energy of Life?

It’s been making a big difference in my life.

If you choose to say ‘yes’, I hope it does for you, too.

Love Lindsey

Jul 28, 2019 · Comment

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