Q+A how do I get what I really want This month’s question is: How do I get what I really want? Watch for step 5–this is what a lot of people miss. Receiving this straight to your inbox? Click here to watch the video.

Q+A: How do I get what I really want?

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Today’s question is: How do I get what I really want? And the answer applies to anything. I’m going to share with you the five things you need to do to get what you really want. 1. Get clear on what you really want. If you’re already clear on what you really want, great. Write it down: to help people live healthier happier lives. To make a living from creating my art. To teach yoga and lead workshops internationally. To write. If you’re not clear on what you really want—watch next month’s monthly uplift, I’ll be speaking to you directly there. 2. Notice what happens in your mind when you begin to do this. Most of us will have some version of this come up: “That’s not really possible.” It might come up through thoughts around worthiness, or being good enough, or knowing enough. It might come up through thoughts around how other people will respond to you doing that. It might come up through thoughts around “if it was possible more people would be doing it.” 3. Find the source of these thoughts. We all have influencers in our lives—our parents, our extended family, a teacher who in grade 8 told us we were good at certain things but not others—we all have them. For most of us, these are the people who’se opinions we based our worldview on. In essence, their worldview became our worldview. And here’s the thing: their worldview isn’t truth. It’s their perception. Finding the source of these thoughts—i.e. which person we learned the belief or take on the world from—and seeing that they communicated those beleifs or worldviews from a place of their own perception—allows us to choose a different take on reality. One that embraces what’s truly available to us. 4. Choose to see from truth and love. One of the questions I have learned to ask myself is this: what would truth say? What would love say? What would my higher self say? My small self speaks in fear and mistruths. My higher self speaks truth and love. When we lift up to look at what we really want and any thoughts around it not being possible from the perspective of truth, love and our higher self we often see all that is available to us: that there are many people out there living different versions of life, other than the one we were taught was right. That there are lots of people who are doing the very thing we say we want to do—and that they didn’t have any more smarts, opportunities or support than we do. We see that fear is narrow version of reality, one based on a limited scope that doesn’t encompass how powerful we are. 5. Make your map. From this place, of choosing to see from truth and love, begin to brainstorm. Make a map to get you from where you are today to where you want to be. Don’t let “I don’t know how” become your mantra. Ask someone. Go on YouTube. Google it. Read books. Talk with people. You can figure it out. You got this. Much love, Lindsey

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Q+A: How Do I Get What I Really Want? | Lindsey Lewis

Q+A: How Do I Get What I Really Want? [video]

September 15, 2015