just for you. Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living (until midnight tonight)

It’s a celebration! I’m super stoked, really excited, and–ok, I’ll be totally honest–super relieved that Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living has officially launched.

And I’m giving this online yoga course away–for one day only. Until midnight tonight, anyone can get this $99 program for nadda. Nothing. Zip. You can access it here.

Is this online living yoga course for you?

If you have ever sat there on your yoga mat at the end of class and wished you could keep that empowered, calm, peaceful, happy vibe going off your mat…

If you have ever felt totally overwhelmed by stress, worries or anxieties and wanted to change something but didn’t know how…

If you want to dream, create and live a life that enables you to be uniquely and deeply happy–because that’s not just what’s best for you, but what is best for the world…

Then you are my reason for being. And this course is for you.

You can access it–totally gratishere. Until midnight tonight.

What’s included?

Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living is crafted into 7 sections featuring 7 talks where I share my very best yoga-based life coaching, and 6 yoga classes. The pathways are:

Pathway 1: Accessing Your True Self
+ Yoga Practice for Your Essential Self
Pathway 2: Listening to Your Essential Self
+ Yoga Practice for Developing Body Awareness
Pathway 3: Protecting Your Essential Self
+ Yoga Practice for Turning Doubts into Affirmations
Pathway 4: Overcoming Roadblocks
+ Yoga Practice for Strengthening Your Heart Center
Pathway 5: Daring to Dive into Disbelief and Doubt
+ Yoga Practice for Turning Around Thoughts
Pathway 6: Abundance
+ Yoga Practice for Abundance
Pathway 7: Live it in the Minute

Why am I giving away a $99 program?

Life is for sharing. Giving feels good. Liberation means love instead of fear, choice instead of indecision, freedom from guilt, stress and worry. It means honouring who you really are and can be in this world, and fulfilling your dharma. Living Yoga is about living from that space and creating a life that reflects your deep and unique happiness.

You can access it here. Until midnight.

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