The Giving Tree. 20 days of Giving

Shel Silverstein broke my heart.

It was his kid’s book The Giving Tree. The kid just takes and takes and takes. The tree just gives and gives and gives. And the kid stays unhappy–even until he grows all the way up. The tree stays happy–even until she gets cut all the way down.

It’s a kids’ book-turned life lesson-turned spiritual lesson about living. And giving.

Shel Silverstein inspired me.

To give. So my mission for the next 20 days, from December 5 until December 25, is to give one thing every day. Something tangible: like clothing, or food, or money. Something less tangible: a hug, a smile, a seat on the bus, or my spot in the grocery store line.

It’s the day of the new moon as I write this, and a friend of mine inspired me to get intentional about this new turn. One thing a day.

December 5th: the start of the

20 Days of Giving Challenge

Lately I’ve been feeling very wantingish. “I really want to have this experience.” “I really want to do this thing.” “I really want to see this outcome.” And, truth be told, a lotta wanting –> grasping –> repelling the very thing you want.

It’s not that I think that this whole 20 Days of Giving Challenge will bring me what I want–although the universe works that way a whole lotta the time.

It just feels deeply true, very right, and very exciting. My essential self is loving it.

Wanna join me?

It’s not that much: just one thing a day; it’ll be small and simple.

It’s a whole lot: one thing a day, one person at a time; it could change your/the whole world.

If you dig it, will you help me spread the word?

Facebook post: I’m joining the #20daysofgiving Challenge. Wanna join me?
Twitter: I’m joining the #20daysofgiving Challenge. Wanna join me?

Much love,


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I think this is a wonderful idea, it will help in being the change we want to see in the word.


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