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It took mucho digging, a lot of perseverance, and some home-baked doggie treats, but I finally got through to the real-deal, under cover, YogaDawg: he of the infamous My third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide. For the inside scoop on his yoga path, and latest work, read on.

YogaDawg, a brief bio:
Born and abandoned to a band of roaming exiled bohemian intellectuals, opium addicts. Began his yoga journey by hearing drunken, debouched debates on the great occult texts of the day.
1920s: found a copy of the Kama Sutra and was inspired to become a yogi.
1930s: upon hearing about the great Jnana yogi Krishnamurti, YogaDawg set off for India to meet this most enlightened yogi. Unfortunately, at the time, not many Americans knew were India was, so YogaDawg ended up in Indiana.
1947: after finally consulting a world atlas, YogaDawg went to India with the intention of studying with a real Indian yogi. Began to pen his pivotal work, My Third Eye itches: A Yoga Guide
1950: left for New York; became involved with a group of abstract expressionist painters, jazz musicians, and beatniks
1961: sunk into a deep morose, began doing drugs and alcohol, and had to eventually be committed to Bellevue Hospital for several years
late 1960s: vowed to complete his famous tome, My third Eye Itches: A Yoga Guide, and traveled back to India, ending up in a cave in the Hemalayas
2003: finally emerged, went to LA, and completed his book
today: assisted by his two faithful disciples, MadDawg and his lovely wife HotDawg (formally Born and Maiden America), YogaDawg today leads a reclusive life living off his royalties from his book and t-shirt sales over the Guru YogaDawg blog.

YogaDiva’s Divine Life

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yoga is long year in world , there any type's of yoga. year by year there are many development in yoga step's,The world most of the people doing yoga in the morning..there,you given nice tip's to yoga person's. Reply


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