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I’m getting excited! There’s been a lot of talk lately about workplace wellness and healthcare reform–particularly in the US. Words like “prevention” and “holistic health” are becoming commonplace in factions that once eschewed them.

In the U.S., the Workplace Wellness Alliance is angling to increase the number of U.S. businesses that incorporate employee wellness programs into their corporate healthcare strategies. The Global Health Benefits Institute was established by the National Business Group on health to meet global health concerns. The WWA reports that:

“research indicates that incorporating wellness, prevention and chronic disease management programs into traditional health plans can increase worker productivity, reduce absenteeism, and lower health insurance costs. Workplace wellness programs have achieved a rate of return on investment ranging from $3 to $15 for each dollar invested with savings realized within 12 to 18 months.”

Lucky for them, the Healthy Workforce Act of 2009, intended to provide a tax credit to employers for the costs of implementing wellness programs, has been referred to a committee.

Various companies are promoting their employee wellness services. Below, a list of some of the top providers:
1. offers short, at-your-desk online yoga and meditation workplace practices by top teachers, as well as nutritional experts, and more. (Yes, I know, they’re not a healthcare provider–yet–but I love them and what they do. Yes, I work for them, but I wouldn’t be if I wasn’t 100% committed to what they do.)
2. The Vitality Group offers programs that serve employees and their boss’ bottom lines.
3. The Prevention Plan has its team of medical specialists and tools focus on assessment and intervention.

Big-name corporations have already committed to taking care of their employees, including Intel, Caterpillar Inc., Eastman Chemical Company, and Hannaford Brothers Co–creating specific positions to oversee health initiatives.

This is very very exciting!

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This is great news indeed especially since I'm currently teaching classes at my workplace. Have you heard of any plans to implement a Workplace Wellness Alliance and tax credits in Canada?


Thanks for that link! I have sent it to everyone here at – we are always looking for exercises we can do at our computers! so cool ;)


I haven't yet heard of a CDN workplace wellness alliance–or tax credits in Canada. Which is not say we shouldn't do something about that! ;) I get the feeling that this will be a while, since the driving force behind the US initiatives seems to be the lack of affordable health care–which Canada has done a bit of a better job on.


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