thoughts on manifesting: schmanifesting

This is what I’m wondering: Is there a point in taking time to send positive, loving, hopefully-manifesting thoughts in a certain direction?

Or is the power in recognizing, and catching ourselves out of, negative, “can’t do it” thoughts?

Is the power in staying on top of our mind, in recognizing it’s just a tool for us to use, and that we can choose our thoughts?

Is the power in surrounding ourselves with positivity: daily affirmations, mantras, books, TV shows, blogs, and people who believe in us–and themselves?

Is the power in recognizing that positive thinking can be transplanted by powerful thinking: recognizing that there is always good in this world–even though some situations just plain suck?

p.s. I don’t think a mantra has to be Sanskrit–though I do love them, and have been using Om Namah Shivaya and really loving the book Healing Mantras. A friend uses “I do what I can right now.”

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Nov 18, 2009 · Comment

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