Learnings: Enjoy the Ride

I’m on vacation! And, in the true spirit of truly vacationing, I’m avoiding the computer.

We drove ten hours–ten loooong hours–into the Kootenays.

I’m not the best road tripper. I’ve always liked being at the places I was heading, much more than the getting there. But ten hours in a car is enough to teach anyone something that’s definitely not a fresh learning, but one that I think can never be repeated enough: you’d better settle in and enjoy the ride. So we did. Me and my sister: singing, laughing, napping, daydreaming. And when we arrived, we both said, “Well, that didn’t seem like such a long day!” A lot of it has to do with the destination, but there’s a lot to be said for enjoying the trek to get there.

Next post: Week of July 21.

Reverse Take-Away Yoga Tip: We can sometimes get caught up in striving to attain that perfect asana, meditation state-of-mind, even just being more yogic. I find that when I let go of the goal, somehow, it seems to get here much sooner.

Jul 14, 2008 · Comment

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