Take-Away Tip: Go With The Flow

To Keep The Yoga Going Off The Mat

On The Mat: Especially in a challenging Kundalini class, we can find ourselves tensing up, as our mind resists the action, telling us “You’ve never done this before. It’s too hard. You should stop.” And, absolutely, if continuing means hurting ourselves, we need to to pull back–maybe right into child’s pose. But often, our mind is worrying too much, in uber survival mode, and, if we let it, will actually cause us more harm than good. Because when we tense up our muscles, and resist what’s happening, we’re more likely to hurt ourselves. But if we let our mind know it’s okay for it to take a break, and relax into the movement, flowing with our breath and trusting our body, we might find we can do it after all.

Off The Mat: Okay, I admit it, it’s totally unoriginal to recommend going with the flow. But sometimes I think we all need a reminder: that when we think we can’t, maybe all we need is to think we can.

Aug 15, 2008 · Comment

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