Natural Breath: Get Out of The Way

Take-Away Tip
To Keep the Yoga Going Off the Mat

On the mat
In a class today, the teacher, Janice Clairfield had this to say about our breath:
“Your breath is naturally gentle, long and deep. Get out of the way.”

As we progressed through the rest of the flow, we didn’t adjust our breath in any way, but adjusted where our attention was: not on our mind and our stressors, but in the present.

And, whaddya know?, our breath became deeper, more powerful, more restful, and more energizing.

Off the mat
So how does this effect our experience off the mat? What I like about this tip is that it’s a great reminder that we are innately in a state of balance, poised on that point between peace and energy that enables us to be calm and competent. Also that, when we feel stressed, we can try to remember to just “get out of the way” of our own peace.

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