Get High, With Breathing Exercises

Take-Away Tip

Pra = moving
Na = always
Prana = energy, or life force
Yama = to restrain or control
Big on Breath
In yoga, we’re big on breathing. Really breathing. None of this shallow, chest- or throat-breath most of us stick to throughout the day. Long, deep inhales that fill our lungs, our chest, and sometimes our belly with oxygen-boosting, deeply energizing breath. Long deep exhales that truly eliminate stale air and calm us right down. Ahhhh. Besides the western science-approved nervous system-balancing bonus of breathing yogically, conscious, controlled breathing is a powerful way to tap into our life force, or innate energy (aka prana).

Long, Deep Yogic Breath
Try this pranayama (breathing exercise) anytime, anywhere, and—minus the arms and legs positioning—with asana. Inspired by yoga teacher Max Strom.

Nov 27, 2008 · Comment

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