who’s your teacher?

The Big Question
I think all yoga teachers probably get these questions a lot: “Where did you do your training?” That, and, “Who’s your teacher?” But it wasn’t until my workshop with Reema Datta that I really felt the truest answer.

The Honesty EP
I’ve always been honest: I owe my love for Kundalini, my training in Hatha and Kundalini, and the very fact that I signed up for it, to Vancouver Kundalini queen Gloria Latham. Without her continual “And when are you going to do teacher traning, Lindsey? Do you want to come to the question-and-answer session?” I would never have imagined I could do it. But she saw the calling in me before I let myself see it. The Kundalini intensive I did with Gurmukh was powerful and transformative. And now I have my incredible mentor, the one who finally shed the light on some of my experiences with Kundalini energy, Swami Maheshananda Saraswati.

The Big Answer
Like Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses, “I am a part of all that I have met.” But the answer that came to me today, when I was asked where I did my training, was the most true so far, because I finally truly understood the question. What people really want to know is, where do you teach from? And the answer is this: From my heart. That’s where my teaching comes from. That’s where I need to go to access what I try to share during my classes. That’s where I need to go to be of service.

Most often, when I ask Swami Mahesh a question, he doesn’t reply. He told me once that asking the questions are important, but the answers would come through my own self. As Reema Datta says, “the teacher is inside you.”

Reema Datta: get what you want, give love, ignore your teacher


Apr 30, 2010 · Comment

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