Stress Buster: Nose Off the Grindstone

Here’s another quick (five minutes is all it takes) stress buster.

Alternate Nostril Breathing/Nadi Shodhana
– Make a loose fist with your right hand
– Extend your pinky and ring finger, and thumb
– Use your ring finger and thumb to alternately close and open your left and right nostril, respectively
– Close your right nostril. Inhale through your left
– Close your left nostril. Release your right. Exhale through your right
– Inhale through your right nostril
– Close your right nostril. Open your left. Exhale through your left
– Inhale through your left nostril
– Close your left nostril. Open your right. Exhale through your right

And on it goes….

To add even more bliss boosting oomph, add a pause after each inhale.
To add even more, count to four on each pause.

You can even do this for just two minutes.

Sep 3, 2008 · Comment

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