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Something unfolds when I get invited to speak.

There’s power. Strength. A collective coming-together.

A quiet awakening of something familiar–yet fresh and new.

I see you. Let me lift you up.

“You’re a true teacher…You’re devoted, engaged in listening–really listening, and grounded in your own experience.” Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Fire Starter Sessions, Desire Map and more.

“When Lindsey speaks, time stops. You feel every word, every emotion, and the very essence of her story at your core. I loved the intensity and engaging presence that she shared and I can still feel the energy of the room. Lindsey is a transformational and heart based speaker that will take you on a journey of love, passion and enlightenment.” Lorie Corcuera, Co-Founder and Chief Essence Officer at SPARK Creations

“When Lindsey speaks, there is no effort, just ease and an authenticity. She has a wise and warm presence. Her voice takes you on a journey through stories, introspections, observations, and leaves you wishing the event could go on–just a little longer. Who knew that the spoken word could resonate so easily, so understandably and feel so familiar? With Lindsey, you’ll experience refreshing ways of looking at and experiencing life.” Teresa Duke, HR Director, Reinvent Inc.

I’ve been invited to speak at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, Green College, SAP Labs Canada and more.

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I talk about the power of peace and how it ignites a liberated life. Powerful, confident, receptive, purposeful.

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I see you. Let me lift you up.