feelin down? use this yoga pose to take your mood up

Feelin‘ down? Turn yourself around.

One of the biggest bonuses to bringing your head onto the ground is a literal change in perspective. Shoulder stand and head stand (and even a teddy bear stand) give us a big-time boost in our brain, through fresh blood, prana and more.

Top 5 More Reasons
why going upside down can take your mood up
1. We need to stay present, calm and strong to stay in the pose–not grumpy or mopey.
2. The sad or grumpy or baffling thoughts will come up, but we simply can’t entertain them. Who’s got the energy to serve canapes to crappy feelings when all of our attention and intention is focused on not falling over?
3. Use the time your in the pose for pratyahara. Big shout out to all the yogis who came before, who realized the bonuses of sensory withdrawal and control. Whatzat? Yogi Bhajan said it can involve thought substitution–replacing a negative thought with a positive one: “That person made me feel so awful.” Scratch that. “I’ve had a tough day, but [insert what you love about your life here] is great.”
4. We meet the physical challenge of being upside down, and that in itself can boost our mood. Yay, we did it!
5. You can feel a bit of a buzz from all that blood to your brain when you come up ;).

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