intuition, certainty, and the power of peace. it hit me like a mack truck

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It hit me like a mack truck.

Wave after wave of understanding. A new dawn. A new life.

Everything has changed.

Look at it from the outside and it looks similar–but inside…it’s a tsunami. Wave after wave. And they’re not stopping. I can hardly keep up.


I’m pulling out notebook after notebook and filling the pages. It’s coming to me and through me. Everything is making sense–things I’ve done, places I’ve been, ideas I’ve had. The future is unfolding the present is filled with absolutely everything.

Intuition and Certainty

Let me share with you some of what’s coming through:

In peace, we hear the answer. Not from someone else, but from within. Only in peace can we hear the answer that’s already there. And it’s the one we’re really hoping for.

When we look for guidance or direction from other people, we’re really hoping for peace of mind. We’re hoping for an answer that sits true, that sits comfortably. It’s an answer that feels like an “ah”: relief.

Have you ever received advice from somebody that felt like that?

If you have, I bet it was because you felt known. Like the person had listened deeply, understood truly, and replied with your best interest at heart. You felt seen and heard. Respected.

Those are the kinds of answers and direction we always get from ourself–in a place of peace. Free from concern over what other people will think, or uncertainty over whether or not it’s the right choice, we hear the soundest, most sensible, most unstoppable advice ring clear from our own intuition.

In peace, the noise of uncertainty is quiet.

The roar of conflicting opinions is silent.

Most of the time, the question doesn’t even arise. It’s already been answered.

We know what to do, where to go, and we don’t even ask “why?” We just know. We trust. We move forward with confidence and see the blessing in the results.

They’re often unexpected. Beyond what we imagined. Better than we dreamed. Bigger than we hoped.

In peace, our intuition speaks loud and clear, and we can trust it to lead the way.

There’s more.

There’s everything. The power of peace is like nothing else. It’s why we meditate, why we do yoga, why we want stress relief and vacations. Peace is like nothing else.

And the power of living from a place of peace is unstoppable.

There’ll be more. My fingers are itching already and I can feel the push to keep going. This is bigger than me. There’s nothing I can do but keep saying ‘yes.’

So I’m making changes to my coaching, have changed the May 30-Day challenge to The Power of Peace, and the Dream it and Do it program will be the last of the Shoot the Moon series (there were plenty of people, but it’s not…right…anymore).

New ideas are in the works, and they’ll be transformational.

Thinking of you,


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