Kundalini Yoga with Swami Mahesh: the goods for you

I got to spend the entire weekend with my mentor and friend Swami Maheshananda Saraswati, of the Satyananda lineage and the Bihar School of Yoga. I know it all sounds like an ancient mouthful, but here’s the greatest thing about Swami Mahesh: he’s a modern, on-trend Swami. He’s even on Facebook.

When I first met him, last Spring, I was blown away by his ability to communicate complex yogic practices and philosophy in astute, easy-to-understand language that every person could relate to, no matter how “non-yogic” their lifestyle may seem. I was also thrilled to finally meet a yoga teacher who taught Kundalini in a style more similar to the dynamic one I’m in love with–which is different that the dominant Yogi Bahjan-inspired Yoga West and Golden Bridge style. I’m so thankful we’ve been friends ever since.

Here’s some of the gems from our asana, pranayama, meditation and kirtan practices this past weekend at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga:
1. We all have an ego. Don’t try to destroy it; just learn to manage it.
2. Stress is subjective. What’s stressful for one person is exciting for another.
3. Can’t get your mind to settle down? Start counting your breaths, backwards from 27. If you mess up or miss a breath, start over.
4. We don’t want to spike the Kundalini, just get it to roll over in its sleep.
5. Practice humility. This isn’t something he said, but rather what he does. “Don’t see me as this impressive person who knows a lot about Kundalini and Tantra. Most people who know me just call me Mahesh.”

Swami Mahesh is coming back in the summer for more workshops! Check the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga for more info, and I’ll keep you posted, too.

Oct 21, 2009 · Comment

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